TID Hannah Streefkerk

Detta är en föraning om vad som kommer visas på utställningen TID, på Konsthallen/Hamnmagasinet i Varberg under sommaren. 6/6-17/8 -2014

Hannah Streefkerk
In all my work I focus on the theme of mending and taking care of our nature. Time in common is for me something that in this process is not very helpful. I mean, with for example the change of seasons, leaves die. It is a natural process. Ore in a long time stones turn into sand because of erosion.Hannah Streefkerk
Since I moved to Sweden, for two years now, I learned a lot from the swedish craft. I really am fascinated by the bark of the birches. For the exhibition Tid I am working on a leaves made out of these birch bark. I sew small pieces together. All the leaves are not complete, you see holes in them. Time did here his work also.

The work is called ’A time for’ which referes to a text from the bible. I am not a religious person, but I truly believe there is a time for everything. Time is in all cases ruling our lives.
Hannah Streefkerk3’ A time to tear apart, and a time to sew together* (Ecclesiastes 3:7)
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Hannah Streefkerk